In need of a helping hand?We're able to offer consultancy services and deliver aid in these areas:

  1. Commercial assistance

  2. Data entry, cleansing, and analysis

  3. Project management

  4. System implementation, integration, and maintenance

  5. Technical support

  6. Writing, editing, and proofreading

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Our Creed - Be Kind

We cultivate three simple tenets, "the three Cs", in living by our creed:

  1. Caring

  2. Contributing

  3. Creating

We pursue four pairs of virtues, "FADE", driven by our tenets:

  1. Flexibility and freedom

  2. Accessibility and accountability

  3. Distinctiveness and diverseness

  4. Equality and equity

We will not allow our creed to appear as a method of inaction in the face of injustice, so we will always embolden fairness and inclusivity whilst striving to uphold our virtues as a force for good across the world.


Will you too wander as a Wayfarer of these wondrous lands?The cosmos are vast, and this is merely a glimpse into their potential.

A Glimmer of New Hope

Ardour, Aspiration, Awe

Everything in Moderation

Unbroken, Upheaval, Uprising

A Jade Dream Come True

Rejuvenation, Renaissance, Renewal

The Northern Light Dawns

Venerable, Vestige, Virtuous

Two Sides of the Same Coimos

Coalescence, Connection, Contrary

Under the Zephyr

Spiritual, Storied, Surreal


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Why not become a part of it?Jump in on the fun! All of our links are below, and you may engage across each platform in any (respectful) manner you wish.


Play tabletop role-playing games with the community, chat about what's going on, share your creative pursuits, and get involved directly!


Seeking to support all our endeavours in a simple way?Consider pledging to a membership tier on Ko-fi!You may choose tiers of £2, £5, £10, or £25 per month -
or send one-off tips to us as you desire. Everything is appreciated and you even benefit by doing so!
Note that sometimes there will be limited amounts of tiers available for a discounted price!None of our creative work will ever be locked behind a paywall beyond what is necessary to provide them, e.g. printing costs, production costs, the cost of paying artists, and so on.P.S. Eventually we will have support for direct payments via additional platforms in the form of GoCardless, PayPal, and Stripe!



A Believer in our efforts!

You earn...

  1. ...our undying appreciation...

  2. ...a special role on the Discord server...

  3. ...access to the #development-depths channel!



A Champion of the people!

You gain...

  1. ...everything from the prior tier...

  2. ...contentment in letting us continue doing what we love...

  3. ...in the future, access to monthly influential polls!



A Luminary of the realm!

You receive...

  1. ...everything from the prior two tiers...

  2. ...recognition across the spheres...

  3. ...some secrets in the future!

This is for if you wish to give some additional monetary support, but not currently receive anything extra in return for your membership. We will however, make a note of everybody that joins at this tier or higher!
Who knows what surprises could be store?
Thank you so much if you do join this!



A Wayfarer, exploring the cosmos!

You reap...

  1. ...everything from all other tiers...

  2. ...eternal gratitude for letting us do what we do...

  3. ...a nice bonus elaborated on below!

We commit that if you do join this tier, we will focus on writing a piece heavily shaped by your input for the Wayfarer's Compendium.This could be a handful of detailed and connected pages documenting parts of the worlds, a short story expanding upon the history and major events that have taken place, or any number of things in-between!
Our imaginations are the limit (and 2,500 words)!
Our sincerest thanks if you even think about joining this!


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